Frequently Asked Questions


What currency are the prices in?

AUD - Australian Dollar

How do I pay in my currency?

The payment option that you choose (eg PayPal or Credit Card) will convert your purchase to your chosen currency.  To find out how much products and shipping will cost in your currency, you can use a currency converter such as this one.


Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to Australia, Canada and the United States.  If you live in a county other than these and would like to place an order, please contact us and provide you Country, Suburb. City and Zip code/post code as well as the number of bags you’d like to purchase.  We will then provide you with a quote and you can decide if you’d like to order.


Do you offer any other products?

Whilst the "Kerrie Case" is our flagship product, we also stock other items that we've found useful in the business.  We’re always open to suggestions, so feel free to Contact Us with your suggestion.


Is there a bottom and top layer?  What’s difference?

Yes, there are two layers.  The bottom layer has been designed for larger heavier products including 6 full sized regimens plus additional products (please see product images for an idea as to what fits into the bottom layer).  The bottom layer is 15cm high, so that most products can be stored in an upright position.  It fits the full range of products available in the US, Canada and Australia. 

The bottom layer is designed for lighter products and is 5 cm high.   Samples and smaller product can be stored in this layer.

Both layers also have storage on/in the lids.

What can be stored in/on the lids of each layer?

Examples of what can be stored on the bottom lid include business material such as product guides, price lists, consultant guides and order forms.  The top lid has several storage options including a small compartment for business cards, 3 pockets that can hold brushes, samples and other small items, plus a large pocket where further business material can be stored.  There is also a mirror included on the inside of the top lid.  The lid flips back to reveal the storage options listed above.

What colour does the Professional Beauty Product Bag come in?

At this stage, there is only one colour available, this being black.  Black was chosen as the most popular colour after research into customer’s preference.  Plus, black always looks more professional!

How do you carry the "Kerrie Case"?

A shoulder strap is included in the design and securely fixed to each bag.  This is the preferred method to carry the bag.  Although there is a handle on the front of the bag, products can move around more if carried using the handle.  When traveling via plane, there is also a luggage pocket on the side of the bag – this allows you to put your bag on top of your other luggage by sliding it over the trolley handle of your luggage.  You can then roll both your luggage and Beauty bag all at once.