About Us

After struggling to find a suitable container or bag to transport products to events and one on ones, we decided to design our own.   After we drew up the initial design, we obtained samples of our design from several manufacturers before we settled on the one that was the best quality and was manufactured the way we wanted it.  It took quite a few goes to get it right, but the perseverance paid off.  We had ourselves a great bag that could fit everything we needed in it with plenty of room for possible future products.   
Wherever we took our bag, whether it be to one on ones or events, not only did customers “oooh” and “ahhhh” when they saw this bag being bought in, but Consultants loved the professional look and functionality of the bag.  (Yes, some consultants were even drooling over it!)  We had so many people asking us how they could get one of these bags, that we just had to share! 
Whilst the "Kerrie Case" is our flagship product, you’ll notice other products will slowly make their way into our catalogue.  And we’re always open to suggestions, so feel free to Contact Us with your suggestion.